Facebook Messenger – Social im and Multi-Faceted Chat in one Killer App

Hot around the heels of Facebook’s 17 billion dollar acquisition of What’sApp, the improvements to the Facebook messenger app have already been flying out with a record pace. Available on most if not all from the phone platforms it boasts a mind-blowing billion plus downloads.

So what is exactly is Facebook Messenger? Well, it’s a versatile, chat, talk, and video app that’s more options than just an accompaniment to the Facebook app.

It seems like Zuckerberg and his gang of coders making the effort to morph each of the amazing features from apps like, Skype, BBMessenger, Vine, WebChat, etc., which incidentally are among its fiercest competitors, into one all-purpose communications app for this Facebook universe.

Featuring its gazillion Facebook users Facebook Messenger has recently ended up being the go-to-app for voice calling, video, picture sending, instant message, SMS, you name it app. The sky’s the limit, and you never know what are the Facebook programmers and engineers have got up their sleeves of their race to generate Facebook the Internets power.

Of course, its not all good news, since the recent decision to isolate the Facebook Messenger app from the Facebook app itself made lots of Facebook users unhappy. But lets face it, they are 100% in charge of What’sApp, which known as the premier messaging app throughout the world. It will be silly of these to never employ this acquisition to boost the Facebook brand while seeking to create the What’sApp feature set. In reality it might be silly of these to never.

The big question really, is what is Facebook planning to do next? It already has free calling, and Video chat together a single app. Additionally the opportunity to share locations and im. Apparently all of those other software organizations are playing catch-up, still trying to fill up loose ends while Facebook is compiling â€the killer’ communications app. Let’s hope it normally won’t make a move drastically stupid like charging for premium services as that might be the death stroke where they normally would never recover.

From the a long time ago past, features including calling and video chat were spotty at best, but the quantity of resources that Facebook can spend on fractional treatments is enormous and therefore any imperfections in quality don’t stay around for long. Although no info is now available to verify this, it appears that normally Facebook updates its app at least every 4-6 weeks. The popularity from the Messenger Beta program is a noticeable relation to the efficacy from the app as people are leaping at the chance to be considered a â€Beta Tester for Facebook Messenger’.

Overall one would need to admit, looking past whatever glitches were present previously, that Facebook Messenger is no longer a gimmicky, web app using the Facebook name hastily thrown into it. This is a robust app comparable to an electronic Swiss-army-knife. It’ll do just about everything you through its way and more. Exactly what it won’t do unfortunately, is find friends for you. That is what social media marketing is focused on, acquiring buddies, finding friends and rediscovering ones that you thought were lost.