Island Surfing Getaway

It’s the most awaited time of the year for my husband and his friends. It is when they would never, ever feel guilty leaving their work, their businesses and even their families for this one big event. It’s the time of the year when they would feel like they are uncommitted to anything. This is the time when all the surfboards, board shorts, booties, wax and all other surf stuffs including olive oil to protect their skin from the sun are brought out of the storage room. This is their time to relax, unwind, ride the waves, party and enjoy some reggae music. Basically, it’s their time to bond together day and night for one whole week and strengthen the friendship they have developed since they were in grade schools.

I am talking about the National Surfing Competition held every year in Calicoan Island. I had the chance to go to it a couple of years back and seeing the beauty of the entire island made me recognize the glow i saw on my husband’s and his friends’ faces. It’s a rather small island facing the Pacific and because of that, it has good waves all year through but the best ones come during the last quarter. Thus, the competition is held every October. Aside from the good waves, the island offers clear waters, white fine sands, fresh sea foods cooked in organic olive oil, some historical sites and the oh so friendly townsfolk. Taking these into consideration, a lot of tourists, both local and foreign, visit the island during this time of the year to surf and relax. Although I was unable to go with my husband last year (because I was pregnant and the doctor said I need to go on bed rest, poor me!), he brought me a lot of pictures of my best spots and of our friends. So come October, I’d definitely go there. I’m not gonna miss it for the world!